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Lucille Lee

Paradise Bird

Paradise Bird Acrylic on Canvas 24x48 $7,200

Wildest Dream

24'' x 48'' $6,700

Symphony 1

24'' x 18 $3,600


24'' x 48'' $6,800

Sweet Caroline

24'' x 48'' $6,800

Dancer in motion II

60'' x 80'' $7,200

Graceful 2

24'' X 18'' $3,600


47'' x 71'' $7,200

Marilyn Monrooe

40'' x 59'' $7,200

Lady in black

49'' x 60'' $7,200

Marilyn Monroe

40'' x 59'' $7,200

Audrey Hepburn

40''x59'' $7,200

Graceful 1

24'' x 18 $3,600

Lucille Lee

Lucille Lee majored in Fine Art and Painting at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia and Textile/Surface Design at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

Lucille’s figurative works carry a sense of Elegance and romance as they reflect the way she lives. People somehow question why specific processes are put this way, “everything is a miracle in my art” she said. She doesn’t think when she starts painting, just quickly, freely enjoys the process. Her female figurative works combine classicism, renaissance, and Impressionism. You can place them with old masters John Sargent and Giovanni Boldini to draw similarities. The bold yet very dynamic brushstroke, along with the characteristic peace of mind in her, creates somewhat unique, beautiful feminine forms full of modern taste.

2022- Held a solo show in April-May at East Windsor Library in New Jersey.
2021- Held a solo show in September at Sorokin Gallery in Connecticut.
2018- Held a solo show in November at East Brunswick Library in New Jersey.
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