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Shiree Nichole


             Shiree Nichole Ingram was born in Newport, OR in 1968, her family moved to                              Montana in 1972 where she grew up. In 2005 she moved to Naples, Fl where she                        currently resides with her husband and business partner Keith Ingram. 



Shiree has always loved creating. She grew 

up enjoying pencil sketching and  painting. 


In the mid 1990's Shiree started creating faux finishes on walls and in 2002 started taking professional schooling from oil, watercolor and faux artists to start her own artistic career. She has attended classes from various artists and schools in Seattle, WA, Las Vegas,NV,  Omaha, OK, Bozeman, MT, Naples and Vero Beach,Fl.


Shiree is constantly looking for new products to create art pieces and faux finishes, learning about and working with all mediums. 


As a little girl the ocean was and still is a strong influence in her life. A time to pause, reflect and appreciate its beauty and magnificence, dimension  and color. Working with a lot of different mediums Shiree is very fascinated by the chemical properties and how products interact.  She creates art on canvas and acrylic art pieces that are fluid, dimensional and colorful. 

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