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Michal Rotman Laor

Mixed Media on Canvas:

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mixed media on canvas 120X200 cm.JPG
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mixed media on canvas 100X100 cm.JPG

About Michal Rotman Laor: 


Michal was born in Israel, she is married and lives in Tel Aviv. Michal has a

Master's degree in Educational Counseling, family therapy, and group

facilitation. Most of her life she painted, but painting was not her main

occupation until recently. Love of color, feelings and inner thoughts formed

into a new display of shapes and images thus creating a new, different

experience out of the inner and deep impressions of the self. Michal sees

painting as an emotional expression which embodies complex experiences,

visions and all that cannot be described using words.


For her, creating is an automatic, unconscious activity that comes from within  without planning or rules. The different techniques, lines, stains, texture and rhythm all create a composition which is forming itself on the surface, creating life of its own, nurtured by the dialog between color and shape, motion and space, distance and proximity. Painting is an emotional experience of an intensive flow that constantly changes with the changing of the mood. This is a fascinating game that provides a variegated expression to the journey to the soul, a journey which intensively and passionately ends on the canvas with a unique, personal language.

Michal teaches art at the "Avni Institute of Art and Design" in Tel Aviv, Israel. The institute is known for teaching and employing many well known Israeli artists and designers.


2016-2017  Studies of Painting," The Use of Spatula" Avni Institute, studies of art and design  

2015-2018   Bruria Hasner Artist Workshop, Givatyim

2016-2017   Studies of Art, the Institute for Israeli Art at the Academic  College of Tel Aviv-Yafo 

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