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Hjördis Thelander


Hjördis Thelander, artist, illustrator, and advertising artist.

Resident at Byvägen Saxtorp. (a small village in the forest outside Landskrona town, Scania, Sweden


How it all began:

I have painted and drawn all my life - my first work (when I was one and a half years old) was a mural with a pencil on the wall above my crib.

My mother was also artistic and loved watercolor painting - despite this, she destroyed my masterpiece with a dishcloth!!

Very soon she realized that I didn´t intend to stop drawing on every available space, some of my artworks occupied several pages of her books.

Mother wanted to keep me away from her books and belongings; thus she supplied me with my own pencils, crayons, brushes, colors, paper and clay - and left me in peace with my creative activities.

Inspiration and style
My artworks are inspiration that come in clear images into my inner eyes. I describe this process in modern language as “Downloading from the Universe”.

After this revelation I start transforming that universal message into a visible artwork.

I preferably paint in acrylic on canvas and draw with pencils on that sort of paper that suits an serves the subject.

Color, space, contrasts of light and dark, soft movement and distinctive brush strokes are the lineaments of my paintings and drawings.
I like to work in both large and small formats - so far the largest was 6 x 1,5 meters.

A brief presentation of my professional career:

I was educated as an advertising cartoonist, graphic artist, photographer and illustrator.

I worked at advertising agencies, marketing departments and as a reporter, editor and photographer in various newspapers .

I worked with marketing, posters, programs, scenic background paintings, décor and props as a project employee for several years, within the legendary free theater group Skånska Teatern.


I am self-employed working in my own company since 1989.
I enjoy working with different clients and interesting projects that include corporate fairs, TV scenery, illustrations, graphic and book productions etc.


I am the principal teacher of Vedic Art at The Ayurveda Academy in Sollentuna/ Stockholm where I teach the 17 principles of Vedic Art.  In addition to that I do hold courses in other cities in Sweden.

One of my painting courses, the biggest so far, was at a one-day workshop titled “Creation” which I held in Sofia Albertina church in Landskrona, where I instructed and guided about 200 participants.  

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