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Solomon Hwang


Solomon Hwang was born on 1956 in South Korea.

He earned numerous awards for his work, such as:

  •  1st place Korean Grand Prix Art Festival in 1993

  •  1st place Culture Exchange

  •   Festival Organization 1993

  •  1st place Korean and CHinese

  •   Government Culture Organization in1992

  •   1st place Seoul City Art Festival 


Solomon has been commissioned by the Korean War Memorial Museum to create documentary paintings which are now exhibited publicly to thousands of people. He has also created artwork for charities in Korea during fundraising for handicapped children. His achievements as an artist gave

him an opportunity to be a judge at Miss Korea contests in 1999 and 2000.

Solomon is identified as the most recognized artist in South Korea as well as being recognized in 14 other countries in Asia.

He is now a president of New York Branches of Korean Art Association.

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