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Keren Or Benafshi

Keren Or Benafshi channel secret geometry paintings for the last 27 years,

These unique paintings are created without the help of graphical computers or even a simple sketch.

Each unique painting is completed by hand from start to finish. 

Energy painting captures the spiritual harmony and joy that co-exists.

Keren Or Benafshi was born in Israel on Feb 22nd1974.

As an artist she has traveled to many different regions of the world, finding inspiration in nature and the wilderness. Spending lots of times in India, Thailand, South America and especially the lush, wild rainforests, and scenic deserts of Australia, there she came to the great realization that “all is one".

Her technique, which has a fractal feel to it, creates a constant feeling of infinite movement and gives of a vibration of light.

With an extended palette of fluorescent colors, each painting is transformed into a three-dimensional window into a unique world or energies = vibrations.

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