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Promote Your Art and Exhibit at the World’s Top Art Fairs

With A&E Fine Art Inc.


Would you like to promote your art internationally and exhibit at the world’s top art fairs?
A&E Fine Art offers you the opportunity to promote and showcase your artwork to collectors and trade buyers from all over the world.

A&E Fine Art Inc. / Art Aviram has been an established gallery for more than 30 years.

Isaac Aviram, the owner of galleries in the US and in Israel, specializes both in retail and wholesale. His knowledge of the art world along with his passion for art has led to his success in representing new artists as well as established artists and their respective talents.


Isaac Aviram’s rich experience in selling and marketing art for more than thirty years has earned him a valued reputation in the art world and has provided talented artists with superb representation.

Isaac’s impressive career has allowed him to represent and promote the careers of artists such as Ben Avram, Tarkay ,Tremler, Rozenvain, Eliayev and Brutsky.  Isaac’s continued efforts and expertise help many artists succeed in the art world.


A&E Fine Art / Art Aviram has exhibited all over the world including Europe, Australia, the US and China.
Isaac Aviram exhibits every year at the most prestigious art fairs including Art Expo New York, Art Santa Fe, Art San Diego, Shanghai Art Fair, Red Dot Miami, Art Expo Las Vegas and more.


We offer you an opportunity to join us!
Get a personal promotion & advertising bundle and exhibit your artwork in one or all of the international art fairs.


  Our bundle includes:


  • Art Fairs

  • Art fair wall space in a heavy traffic area

  • Artwork hanging service

  • Insurance

  • Professional A&E Sales Representatives

  • Sales and collection of funds

  • Packing and shipping of paintings and sculptures that sell

  • Shipping and handling of the artwork after the show

  • Collection of contact information of visitors that express interest in your artwork

  • Free admission for artists' guests and clients

  • Promotion and advertising

  • Personal and artist development consultation

  • Publicity through our Social Media and website. This included a page for your artwork on our website. 

  • Printied individual artist brochures

  • Inclusion in our art fair newsletters, which reach galleries, interior designers, auctioneers, art collectors and more.

  • Promotion via private connections.

  • Follow up with visitors that express interest in your artwork.

  • The artist’s campaign starts immediately upon signing the agreement and continues for a period of 6 months.

  • The artist is asked to provide A&E any brochures, catalogs, a  short biography,  social media links and a link to the artist’s website.


A&E Fine Art will be exhibiting next at those major international art fairs:


-    Artexpo New York (April, 2022)

-   - Red Dot Miami (December 2022)

If you wish to join us or get more information, please feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to assist you!

Best regards,

Isaak Aviram


A&E Fine Art Inc
34-15 Broadway, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

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