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Vladimir Babunts

Oil on Canvas


Vladimir Babunts was born in the city of Baku (Azerbaijan) in 1959. He currently lives in St. Petersburg.
Over the years Vladimir has participated in group and personal exhibitions, and his works are displayed in numerous private collections.

Solo exhibitions:
Palitra Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2000
Nevsky-20 Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1999


Group exhibitions:
Guild of Masters Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1999, 2000, 2002–2005
Vladimir Babunts exhibited his works in joint projects of the "New Romantics" art group. This group consisted of artists who joined the rejection of strict realism and commitment to allegorical symbolism and mythology.

Babunts lives a closed off life of a creator. He devotes all his time to work, and the striking works emerging from under his brush immediately find their way into private collections of true connoisseurs.

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