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Janos Kardos

Acrylic on Canvas

"Everything that is expressed authentically, from the deepest realm of existence, is always beautiful"

-Janos Kardos

Janos kardos R.I.P..jpg


Janos Kardos was born in Budapest, Hungary, and studied under the guidance of renowned art teachers like Barcyhai. Kardos'  work was featured in magazines and newspapers all over Hungary as a young artist.
Kardos started traveling and exploring art in Sweden, Italy , Spain , South America and the United States, where he finally settled. Today, Kardos lives in New York City and Caracas, Venezuela.  He is regarded as a unique and distinct figure in the international art community and his works are recognized and appreciated by critics and collectors alike.“My goal is to reach a clear and unbiased communication with the spectators and have them experience the joy of life”.


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