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Pitch Black



Pitch Black is a New York City artist who uses cultural iconography to make pop art. Inspired by the very definition of pop art; finding, procuring or otherwise repurposing images from our cultural collective, Black gets excited by taking these found elements and combining them in surprising ways. Black’s personal style is to combine elements from the past with the present, whether that be imagery or even technique. Following in the footsteps of pop artists from the 20th century, who pioneered the sport, Pitch Black also embraces the 21st century, by fully utilizing our current, more than abundant, pop culture resources.

Pitch Black is Formerly a corporate art director, Black has broken free of the restrictions that come with working with clients and now creates art that is an inspiration to himself, his collectors and fans of art at large. “I felt like Clark Kent working in corporations, creating art for business restricted me from utilizing my full abilities. As Pitch Black, I can use my creativity freely and soar to greater heights as a artist. I feel that art is my super power. It enables me to create work that evokes emotions in people, can improve a businesses or a neighborhood, help people through my work with charities or sometimes just bring a smile to someone’s face.”

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