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Gocha Jokhadze

Gocha Nino JokhadzeNino Jokhadze graduated from Batumi Art Collage in 1984. In 1994, she graduated from Tbilisi Art Academy with honor. 
Gocha Jokhadze graduated from University of the Arts in 1994. 

Gocha and Nino's paintings are like interesting riddles Gocha and Nino's pictorial linear facial expression. As much as you go deeper, the more novelty and psychological strokes you will discover. Impressionist and expressionistic tendencies are gathered here, as well as the theatrical realism. That means, synthesis, which is typical to the postmodern art, is given. Their phenomenon is distinguished, as it does not belong to any of the artistic course. In addition, it includes each of them in itself. Impressionism, expressionism, cubism, constructivism, all is in full synthesis and each of them has its own functional significance. Moreover, Gocha and Nino have borrowed specification of the characterization from realism, which doubles the impression gained from the paintings. They are using the principle of graphical asymmetry with stunning craftsmanship. That way they manage to reflect the individuality of the person. If we go deeper, we will discover many interesting details, seemingly irrelevant to the topic. However, after the emotional perception and understating of the composition, the fact of them being organic is not doubted. The process of perception of their art includes our meditation-contemplate, like we are drawing into the picture. 
According to the information available , they are unique worldwide event. I am deeply convinced that the phenomenon of Gocha and Nino will be a subject of judgment and deep study yet many times. 

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