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Tatyana Chekmarieva (Yekmapebat) was born in Russia and currently living in Florida.
At 17 years old, Tatyana performed her first youth show in Russia, Solnchevo.

1986- School in Russia, Moscow
1988-2001- Studies in Academic Art Institute Ivan Surikov.
1994- Participates along with her husband in the creation of the monument to the victims of the earthquake in Managua, Nicaragua where also makes samples of painting and sculpture.
1995- Exhibited her paintings of the Restaurant Hello Mexico, in Moscow, highlighting and making the sale of a collection of pictures to the private sector.
1998- Entered the United States, and made a presentation in 2007 where she is awarded for one of her paintings.

She currently works in the mediums of acrylic and oil in a diversify subjects for her next exhibit.

A&E Fine Art is proud to exhibit Yekmapebat's work at Art San Diego 2018

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