Ronit Bentov

Ronit Bentov

Born is Israel, Ronit Bentov has been an artist all her life. She moved to the US in 1980 and studied art at “Pels- school of Art” and “School of the Media Arts” in Manhattan, NYC.

Working with acrylic on canvas, Ronit developed her own distinctive and ‘riddle like’ style. One needs to look closely to notice the hidden woman’s faces blended into a colorful nature setting.

Ronit strives to fulfill the wish of every woman, to be free from limitations, free from fear and free from other people’s judgment, she follows her truth in her paintings/sculptures and in her life.

Ronit is looking to empower woman by

reminding them their connection to nature

and venture.And her love for people and all living

things is reflected in her vivid art. Ronit Bentov’s artwork

is presented in private collections.

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