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Pedro Gallardo was born in Santo Domingo on October 2, 1970 began studying painting in the year 1986, the National School of Fine Arts in Danto Domingo, Dominican Republic. After studying at the University Catoloca of Santo Domingo, where he studied Advertising Art, in conjunction with Advertising illustration. In the year 1988 studied at the Art Center Proposal, Albert Bass, who years later was Director of the Gallery of Modern Art. Performs research in the field of photography, Course Rodrguez Enriquillo Amiama workshop. Join the Course Drawing Workshop with teacher at the University Fabre Sallent APEC. He Ceramics Painting Workshop with maestro Eduardo Fiallo. In 1990 performed in the city of Santo Domingo its 1st. Individual exhibition entitled Something Imnato, which was a great success and his art was praised by the national criticism. In 1991 he made his 2nd. Individual exhibition in the Art Room of the Ambassador Hotel in Santo Domingo. In 1992 the great Dominican painter studies Design, Interior Decor and Murals, with famed designer Rafael de Leon. Participate in various arts events and exhibitions and in 1993 participated in the Art Fair in the Hall of Hotel Ambassador. In 1996 he participated in the Biennial Marginal Silvano Lora, in Santo Domingo. In 1997 he participated in the Youth Art Exhibition held at Casa de Teatro, Santo Domingo. In 1999 he traveled to San Juan Puerto Rico and participate in the auction collective Oncolgico Hospital and the School of Plastic Arts. In the year 2001 showed his works in the Galley Viola in Puerto Rico. In 2001 participates in the Artists Against Cancer event in Puerto Rico. In December 2001, took part in the Collective exhibition Contance Buono Gallery in Puerto Rico. In the year 2002 he returned to Santo Domingo where has the magic Light and Color Exhibition at the Art Gallery Nader. In 2002, the 7th part. National Competition Agro and Nature Painting held in Santo Domingo, where he obtained 2nd. Mention of Honor. In 2003 he participated as a guest artist in the collective exhibition Homage to Ramon Oviedo and Serum Milan, held in Santo Dominigo .. In April 2004 he participated in the Progressive Artists Collective Exp-Culture with Leonel In December 2005, participating in the La Quinta Dominica Collective exhibition, held in Santo Domingo.

A&E Fine Art is proud to exhibit Pedro Gallardo's work at Art San Diego 2018


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