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Nicolas Luco Ciero

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Nicolás Luco Ciero
Nicolás Lucociero (Name for Marketing/website etc.)
Fashion & Fine Art Photographer

I´m chilean artist based in Buenos Aires Argentina.
34 years old. 
CEO in “Revista Iliáster” (Iliáster Magazine) a Fashion, design & art magazine. 


.Photography ARCOS - Santiago Chile 

.Radio Producer - ETER - Buenos Aires - Argentina 

.Theater Manager CELCIT - Buenos Aires -  Argentina

I have participated in several art shows in USA and Europe:

2016 - Art Expo New York (With AC Contemporary Art) 

2016 - Art Basel Miami - Aqua Gallery (With AC Contemporary Art) 

2017 - Art Fair Málaga - Spain (With AC Contemporary Art)

2018 - Art Expo New  York - Foto Solo 

2018 - IAF International Art Festival New York

2018 - París Contemporary Art Show - France (With AC Contemporary art)  

●    2019 (December) - Red Dot/Spectrum Miami (With A&E Fine Art) 

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