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Noi Amar



Noi Amar is a visual artist. Her unique, electrifying painting style demonstrates a blend of figurative realism and abstract expressionism. 
Israeli-born but now an honorary Floridian, she is a self-taught artist who began painting on the empty pages of her vintage coloring books at the ripe age of six years old. While she always had a passion for painting growing up, it was difficult for her to further her talents and buy more art supplies since her family was facing financial hardships at the time.

It was soon after moving to the United States where she won an art competition at the age of twelve. In that moment, she decided it was finally time to get the proper art supplies she needed to nourish her deep passion for the arts. 

With whimsical brushstrokes that are both spontaneous and visually intriguing, the art of Noi Amar dials in a signal that displays abstract portraiture and feminine mysticism onto canvas. Emotions ooze from her paintings and evoke the hope that one day one can discover the telling eyes and intricate stories of these beautiful women whom she has made into a work of art.



Words by the artist about this new series of paintings:

This series is about simplicity and self control. My impulse is to keep refining the face and make it more realistic and I have to fight against myself to stop. I'm interested in how to convey depth with color dominance instead of simple shading, to let the background BE the foreground - it's like walking a fine line between trusting your brush strokes and not overthinking it. like the mentality of doing and not doing, being and not being. Painting this way is a challenge for me but I love that! Gotta let our inner child out to play more often and keep experimenting. 

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