Orit Sharbat



Orit Sharbat is an Israeli artist based in Tel Aviv (near the beach, under the sun).
"In my mind’s eye, I see everything in color, including my own thoughts and feelings.

It comes from a deep connection to colors and spirituality".

Her soul likes to roam freely along her great inner spiritual spaces, through gardens of feelings, soaring from one emotional site to another; that’s its journey.
This journey of the soul finds its expression in her paintings, which always start in a very structured, composed way, but as the creativity gathers pace, She allow herself to get lost in the painting, and feel the painting acquiring an energy and a life of its own.

This allows her to follow the work’s own tempo. At this point, her hand loses control and switches from one color to another, until she's all exhausted. Then, she takes a step back and zoom out, until she feel it’s time to resume work and complete her painting.

She loves to explore with colors and see and feel how they move on the surface and how they transpire when mixing and merging together. Orit likes to marvel at the texture and intensity of all the original colors as they come together, while retaining their own individual power. She love to experiment with the tension between real and illusion, self-control and abandon; between realism and abstract.