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Alex Chereches

Alex Chereches was born on July 26th, 1944, in the village of Aruncuta in the county of Cluj, Translyvania in Romania. Alex had a deep fascination for art since the age of five, when he created his first drawing with pen and paper. In 1960 Alex began experimenting with oil paint and in 1963 after graduating high school he began the technique of ‘reverse painting on glass’. He carried on this old tradition which led him to a one man show in the art gallery of a magazine named Tribuna located in Cluj Napoca. He has participated in a number of exhibits in the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria, Venezuela and more.

In 1985 began Alex’s break from his artwork, he immigrated to America with his family to escape the oppressive communist regime in Romania. It wasn’t until 1999 Alex was re-inspired to create artwork by rediscovering the work of iconic painters such as Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollack, Jean Gris Miro and more. Alex states, “I never paid too much attention to modern art, but suddenly this fascination grew upon me and I wanted to explore the world of art to the extreme.” He started experimenting again along with his wife Susana.

Alex states, “I love to create art. It shows who I am and what I feel. It’s a whole world of thoughts, dreams, imagination and color on one simple canvas. I would like to share my work with other people to see if it makes them feel the way I do. It is very hard to be accepted in the art world today because not many people want to accept, or look at your work because there are so many artists just like you out there. My dream is to open an exhibition and show the world what I can do.”

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